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Yoga for Birth Preparation Workshop

by private request for small groups

1050 Vienna


This is a one off workshop for couples where the Yoga taught in class is put into a ‘Birth Story’ context. Basic information on the stages of labour and helpful tips for the birthing mother and partner are explained. You will be guided through each stage of labour while learning the most suitable breath, movements and yoga postures. Simple pain relief and massage techniques will be taught as well as birthing positions to allow for a more comfortable labour. Sarah is a yoga instructor, massage therapist and mother trained in pregnancy and post-natal yoga. Her home birth experience helps inform her approach, as well as her knowledge of hypnobirthing and various meditation techniques that can be useful for labour. This is not a medically focused workshop, but basic hospital procedure and alternatives will be discussed. The workshop is limited to 6 couples so please email asap to book your space.


Snacks and tea will be served after the session for questions and answers.


This is a fun workshop where a role is created for the birthing partner, so please come comfortably dressed and be prepared to get on the floor and join in. Ideal for couples but students coming on their own are more than welcome.


Per Couple: 80.00

Per Person: 45.00


Space is limited email to book



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"Taking a private class with Sarah is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  Sarah is a natural teacher who is very hands on and an expert at releasing tension and rebalancing the body.


During our 1:1 session, Sarah helped me open up parts of my body that I have never been able to fully open before and connect with muscles I never even knew existed. As with any of Sarah’s classes, I left feeling centered, strong, and refreshed for days. Thanks Sarah!!"

-Renee Clerkin, Nutritionist

"Sarah's class Yoga for Childbirth helped my husband and I before, during and after the birth of our son.  She was very knowledgable about the phases of childbirth and as first time parents, it helped us anticipate some of the experiences that we would later have. During my pregnancy, I occasionally suffered from lower back pain and we learned ways to alleviate the pain. Now, several weeks after the birth of my son, I find these stretches useful again as my body heals.  I also learned how to manage through the "surges" of childbirth through different breathing techniques that Sarah had taught us.  Most importantly, because the course is offered to couples, it helped my husband and I to communicate and in many ways share the experience of childbirth."

Colleen Kinsella, Kindergarten teacher and mom